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I forgive you for every broken promise and every manipulative gesture you ever used on me. I forgive you for trying to control me and for attempting to fill me with fear of the world. I forgive you for never being the father of my children and for never owning a home with me. I forgive you for every moment of rage filled anger that you ever subjected me to. I forgive you for not trusting me. I forgive you for keeping me a secret from your parents and for hiding me from your Nepali/Indian cultured friends. I forgive you for breaking my heart.

By forgiving you, I finally feel free.

I forgive myself for holding onto my anger and for breathing a depression so deep I lost faith in my own worth. I forgive myself for trusting you and giving you so much control. I forgive myself for all the times I hoped beyond all hope and in so doing ignored my own feelings. I forgive myself for physically halting whenever a trigger catches me unaware. I forgive myself for giving you over two years of second chances. I forgive myself for loving you.

By forgiving myself, you no longer control me.


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